Pay with GIZMO

  • Gizmo Payment has the right to cancel or refund any transaction that we deem to be fraudulent, fake or unauthorized.
  • If you are pre-paying for a product or service (that has not been rendered) and you have confirmed to a Gizmo representative that the payment is to be processed, once the payment is executed, the transaction cannot be reversed.




“Pay virtually any personal expense, business expense using a credit card, even where credit cards are NOT accepted.”

  • Pay your rent using your credit card
  • Pay your school fees/tuition using your credit card
  • Pay your Loans using your credit card
  • Pay your staff (employees) using your credit card
  • Pay your business suppliers that don’t take credit card
  • Pay a professional that doesn’t accept credit card (e.g. – Lawyer, Electrician, Mechanic)
  • Pay from overseas or send money to a Vendor or Supplier

“How to use Gizmo”

 Complete our secure online form: 


  • Enter the card holders contact information and credit card information
  • Enter the recipients (suppliers) personal and banking information
  • Scan and upload image or document showing ‘purpose’ of payment (proof) – e.g. Invoice, Receipt, Letter, Payroll. **We need some proof**

Note: A Gizmo representative will contact the card holder/sender to verify the validity of each transaction.

Contact us: